Ted Cruz: Many VC readers know or know of Ted Cruz, a former Rehnquist clerk who was an outstanding advocate as Texas Solictor General and now heads the appellate practice at Morgan Lewis (and who many years ago went to college and law school with yours truly). Ted has announced that he plans to run for Texas Attorney General, and I wanted to flag his website for interested readers.

Ted Cruz:

I too know Ted, who's running for Texas Attorney General, and think very highly of him: He is extremely smart, an "outstanding advocate" (as Orin notes), and in general the very sort of serious, accomplished, and highly professional lawyer that I wish we had more of in elected politics. (As Orin points out, he clerked for Chief Justice Rehnquist, has served as Texas Solicitor General, and is now the head of the Morgan Lewis appellate practice.)

Ted's views are more solidly conservative than mine. But I would have gladly voted for him if I were a Texan; not being a Texan, all I could do was contribute to his campaign, and I would encourage others to do the same.

UPDATE: Prof. Rick Garnett (Mirror of Justice) writes:

My friend and co-clerk (with Chief Justice Rehnquist), Ted Cruz, is running for Attorney General (he served for several years as the state's Solicitor General), as a Republican, in Texas. Ted is -- no surprise, for a Republican running in Texas -- a conservative, and he and I have not always seen eye-to-eye on policy matters (including capital punishment. MOJ readers in Texas should know, though, that -- besides being a stalwart friend and a prince among men -- Ted is solid as a rock, and inspiringly passionate, when it comes to school choice and education reform. In fact, the first conference I ever organized I organized with Ted. It was a big event, in Ohio, which dealt with the social-justice and religious-freedom aspects of the school-choice issue. To have such a committed advocate, on such an important matter, in the AG's office, in one of the largest states, would be a very good thing.

I remember that conference, too, and I remember how forceful and effective Ted's speech on the subject was. I think that was only the second time I'd met Ted, and it made me think that here was a man who was going to go far -- which he is indeed doing.


More on Ted Cruz's Run for Texas Attorney General:

Chris Geidner: "He is a conservative, it’s true. But he’s a very smart conservative, having gone to Harvard Law School and clerked for Fourth Circuit Judge J. Michael Luttig and former Chief Justice William Rehnquist." I agree with all of that, except the "But."

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Best of Luck to Ted Cruz: Back in 2007 I was invited to judge a moot court for Ted Cruz at the University of Texas to help prepare him for his Supreme Court argument in Medellín v. Texas. He not only used the moot court effectively, he also turned it into an excellent teaching exercise for the students who attended. Having participated in his preparation, I made it a point to attend his Supreme Court argument the following week. He was very very impressive. From my other dealings with him, I can also testify that he is a reasonable and gracious person. I wish him all the best in his run for Texas AG. Texans would be lucky to have him in that job.

Jay Nordlinger (at National Review Online)

praises my friend Ted Cruz, who is running for Texas Attorney General.