A New Venture -- OrinKerr.com: I've decided to experiment with a new blog. Starting today, I am splitting my time between the Volokh Conspiracy and a new solo blog, OrinKerr.com. I imagine the new blog as a kind of "lawyer's lawyer" blog; all of the posts will be about the law, with an emphasis on current legal debates and a broader perspective on the legal academy and the legal profession. I'll continue to blog here at the VC about general topics, but my legal posts normally will appear only at the solo blog.

  In case you're wondering, I'm trying this experiment for two reasons. First, I find myself increasingly drawn to more legal and less political blogging topics, and I'm not sure I like the juxtaposition of the two that is common at the VC. I gather lots of readers like the combination — the VC's sitemeter stats are proof enough — but for a range of reasons I'm interested in creating a sharper divide between the two. The new blog will have a much smaller readership than the VC, but I'm not sure that's a bad thing.

  Second, starting a new blog will let me try a new approach to comments. At the new blog, most comments will be by invitation only. I explain the details in my first post, but the idea is to promote comments by a specific group of legal experts and commenters rather the general public. This isn't very populist of me, I realize, but I think it fits the focus of the new blog: Comments can add tremendous value to a blog post, but legal experts and informed commenters tend to add the most value to blog posts about the law. Of course, my posts here at the VC will continue to be open to all.

  Anyway, the plan is to try the new blog for a month or two and see if I enjoy posting there. If it doesn't work out, I'll fold up shop and post exclusively at the VC.

  Comments here are enabled (naturally, please keep it civil).

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Curse you Orin Kerr!! Oh, I meant to write "Good Luck Orin," on your new venture. Thanks for putting the pressure on the rest of us to make up for the loss of your impressive legal analysis on this blog.

(I won't activate comments here, so readers can continue to post about Orin's semi-departure from the VC in the comment section of his previous post.)
Good Luck to Orin:

Let me also put in a plug for Orin's new blog, which already has a very interesting post on the constitutionality of "good driver" stops. Excellent stuff, as Orin's work always is.

Just A Reminder: Most VC readers know this, but I figured a quick reminder might be helpful in case some readers missed it: For the last few weeks, I've been blogging about legal stuff over at a new solo blog, OrinKerr.com. Topics of recent posts include Justice Kennedy and the War on Terror, the impact of Tom Goldstein on the Supreme Court's docket, jail time for throwing big parties, and copyright and the U.S. News rankings.