Not Quite the First Black President, But All the Talk at Beth Shalom:
In news from the state where I grew up, Delaware, the state elected its first Jewish Governor and first Jewish Lieutenant Governor yesterday: Jack Markell and Matt Denn. The local community is kvelling.
Light Hearted (mail):
It's a mitzvah...
11.5.2008 7:26pm
DavidBernstein (mail):
Congratulations to Matt, who was in my small group class at Yale Law School.
11.5.2008 7:30pm
Allan (mail):
If not plotzing.
11.5.2008 8:27pm
arbitraryaardvark (mail) (www):
If I understand correctly,and maybe I don't, one of Markell's first tasks will be to appoint someone to Biden's senate seat. Possibilities include Lt. Governor John Carney, or AG Beau Biden. Then in 2010 there'll be an election to fill the rest of the term.
11.5.2008 9:47pm
Whadonna More:
What, no mention adopted Blue Hen Jill Jacobs Biden's bit of good news?
11.6.2008 12:28pm