Obama Announces Transition Team:
The WaPo has the scoop.
LN (mail):
Bill Ayers, Tony Rezko, AND Jeremiah Wright? Very troubling.
11.5.2008 5:30pm
I thought Lucifer was a solid choice Secretary of the Interior.
11.5.2008 5:32pm
s/choice/"choice for"/g (whoops)
11.5.2008 5:32pm
A Law Dawg:
SecDef, HUD, and State, LN?
11.5.2008 5:36pm
Opher Banarie (mail) (www):
I think Maxine Waters for Dept of Education is still a winner.
11.5.2008 5:50pm
byomtov (mail):
SecDef, HUD, and State, LN?

I think Ayers for Homeland Security.

"Set a thief to catch a thief."
11.5.2008 5:52pm
Cheaper Trolls, Ltd:
A little birdie told me Ayers has a lock on ...wait for it... the National Weather Service!



©2008 Cheaper Trolls™
11.5.2008 6:03pm
Ex-Fed (mail) (www):
Hands down, the best term for the transition team I've seen was coined by my co-blogger: the Hussein Clown Posse.

(Said by him with fondness, incidentally).
11.5.2008 7:21pm
The linked article is titled "[] and web site" but it was not mentioned within. Anyone know what it is?

11.5.2008 9:42pm
therut (mail):
Was not Emmanuel on the board of Freddy or Fanny Mac at one time. I believe so. Oh well cronies here and there already.
11.5.2008 9:48pm

The article refers to as the website for the transition.

Later today, the Obama team will launch, a transition news Web site.
11.6.2008 2:21pm