"Obama Win Causes Obsessive Supporters To Realize How Empty Their Lives Are":
From the Onion News Network:

I haven't laughed this hard in 18 months!

My favorite was the headline, "Human Rights Groups Calling for Euthanasia for Obama Supporters."

It's nice to know that life goes on...
11.5.2008 5:00pm
"Empty"? Like Hell!

Now it's time to implement the teleocracy.

That can keep one juiced for a while, right?
11.5.2008 5:00pm
JosephSlater (mail):
OK, I was/am a strong Obama supporter, but I'll admit that was really funny.
11.5.2008 5:07pm
Opher Banarie (mail) (www):
They left out the part about painting The "White" House.
11.5.2008 5:45pm
RJuliano (mail):
Thank you, Professor Kerr. That was really cathartic.
11.5.2008 7:13pm
Thales (mail) (www):
As a happy Obama supporter . . . that was outstanding.
11.5.2008 7:22pm
Visitor Again:
I laughed because there's a grain of truth in it. That moment of victory last night--much hoped for and hugely enjoyed by me--has come and gone. There's nothing remotely as moving and exciting to look forward to, at least not in the immediate future. The Inauguration will be a huge celebration, but there's no element of suspense. I feel a bit like I do after the World Cup or the Olympic Games are over--empty.
11.5.2008 8:37pm


Sorry, but if I got any more sex or had any more money, they'd send me to Hell on a scholarship.
11.6.2008 12:23am
David Warner:


Purpose-Driven government? Rick Warren as Secretary of Offense?
11.6.2008 12:42am