Congratulations to President-Elect Obama and to the United States:

I disagree with him about quite a few things, but he's now going to be my President. Another group of Americans has been brought closer to full equality and participation in the life and governance of the nation. I'm as proud of the country tonight as I've ever been, which is pretty damn proud.

A. Zarkov (mail):
Congratulations indeed. Obama gets to be captain of the Titanic. His entire program might have to take a backseat so he can deal with the economic crisis. This curve is particularly scary. The US had entered unchartered waters, and McCain should consider himself lucky he doesn't have to deal with what's coming.
11.4.2008 11:40pm
Jonathan F.:
Agreed that Senator McCain is lucky not to have to try being president for the next four years -- and that Senator Obama is lucky to be our 44th president (or 43d man to be be president). As a McCain voter, though, I feel lucky. Either he'll perform in a way that makes me want to vote for him four years from now, or else I'll get the fun of spending four years railing against our illegitimate president who stole the election and is driving this country into the ground. Best wishes, Barack.
11.5.2008 12:03am
Jonathan F.:
And Barack Obama will definitely be my President. From the beginning. He can lose it quickly, for sure. But he'll be my President. I hope he'll want to keep it.
11.5.2008 12:07am
Prop 8 seems to have succeeded in California... though some outlets are hesitant to call it just yet.
11.5.2008 1:56am
Light Hearted (mail):
"Another group of Americans has been brought closer to full equality"

Former Harvard Law Review editors?
11.5.2008 2:43am
trad and anon (mail):
Don't get quite so excited. Prop. 8 passed in CA.
11.5.2008 11:31am
Opher Banarie (mail) (www):
t&a: Why are you picking on California? Similar laws were passed in Florida and Arizona. I suspect the majority of states will pass laws requiring man-woman marriage in the next few years.
11.5.2008 1:43pm