Ohio SoS Issues New Directive on Abesentee Ballots:

Yesterday, Ohio Secretary of State Jennifer Brunner issued a directive to county election boards instructing them to give would-be absentee voters notice about potential irregularities (e.g. birthdate mismatches) and an opportunity to provide additional information before discarding the ballots. This seems rather sensible. Dan Tokaji has more on the directive here.

Meanwhile, Ohio newspapers are reporting long lines but few problems in morning voting. In some counties, local election boards are prepared to provide paper ballots to voters if lines become to long. I'm off to vote now, and I hope I avoided the morning rush.

In other news, the state GOP has revived one of its federal lawsuits against Brunner for alleged violations of the Help America Vote Act.

Randy R. (mail):
Long lines but few problems? What will these dasterdly Democrats do *next* to screw with this election?
11.4.2008 11:04am
@Randy R.
Unethical behavior only occurs on the Republican side. Stick to the narrative, boss.
11.4.2008 11:10am
anon345 (mail):
That's right. Contrast the criminal behavior of Ken Blackwell with Brunner's. It's simple, Republicans lose when voter turnout goes up so they do everything to suppress the vote. If they can't accomplish that then it's fair game to question the process to gain political advantage even if they really don't believe there is a problem. Tearing down democracy in the name of partisan political advantage - that's the modern GOP.
11.4.2008 11:24am
Jim Miller (mail) (www):
It is good to see that Lincoln still has supporters in Ohio, though I am not sure he is still eligible.
11.4.2008 12:07pm
Ahcuah (mail):
I just voted in a southeastern Columbus (Ohio) suburb. My precinct usually has had a pretty short line. Today, the wait's been running around an hour all day long (my wife voted earlier in the morning).

So, heavy turnout. However, I have no idea what that means to the outcome.
11.4.2008 12:15pm
Bama 1L:
You can trust the abesentee ballot!
11.4.2008 1:51pm
Opher Banarie (mail) (www):
I have voted absentee every election since Carter conceeded before I made it to the polls in 1980. Driving by a few polling places this morning it looked pretty average. I'm in South Orange County California, where the lawn signs are 50/50 for the two major parties and more "YES on 8" than "NO on 8" are visible.
11.4.2008 2:29pm
Sarah (mail) (www):
Opher - from my experience, Orange County has a lot more Mormons than the surrounding counties (my experience being that the best young single adult activities for Mormons are always happening or being sponsored by units in either the OC or Long Beach.) Hence the 50/50 partisan divide but the emphasis on Yes on 8?

I voted at 6:30, at my polling location directly across the street from my apartment, near downtown Columbus (it's a shorter walk to the statehouse than to the nearest Chipotle.) It was a deeply disorganized affair, the only law-breaking I saw involved overzealous Obama supporters (signs too close to the precinct door, people wearing Obama logo shirts from CafePress in the precinct, etc.) The line was horrific - only ~40 people but I was in line till just past 7:50am. Probably the single biggest problem was an unclear process for getting a paper ballot (they announced that you COULD but didn't tell you who to ask or when.) Also, a guy in my apartment building who just moved had problems because his license doesn't match his address - this would be why the SoS sent a text-message "blast" to everyone around noon, I'm guessing. The message was specifically about license addresses, per the Dispatch.

Oh, and it would have been swell if more A-L people had woken up early to vote, and more M-Z people had slept in. My wait was over an hour - there were some A-L people who basically walked straight in and voted.

(note: I was grouchy this morning, so my Twitter vote report was marked "bad"... next time, I'm voting in the middle of the day.)
11.4.2008 6:57pm