Law Student Field Trip to Hear a Supreme Court Argument:
Here's a run-down, with pictures, from the GW Law Students Blog. (Oh, and it's not surprising that you had to get there pretty early for Wyeth: The case has been portrayed as having major ideological stakes, and such cases draw a crowd even if the legal issue is dry.)
Randy R. (mail):
That's not really a field trip. GW is just on the other side of downtown Washington. It's more like a metro ride.
11.4.2008 11:06am
ahendo10 (mail) (www):
Justice Thomas nodding off during oral arguments?? Big surprise there!

I have a lot of respect for Justice Thomas. He, like all of the Justices, is a great legal thinker who in so many ways is a well-rounded, competent adult. No surprises here. And yet, put this adult, who holds one of the highest, most respected and honored offices in our nation, in a boring situation that he doesn't want to be in, and his response is the same as that of a middle school student in a boring Algebra class: naps, whispered jokes, note-passing, ect.

I love it.
11.5.2008 9:20pm