Palin for President:

The other one.

Pat C (mail):
Eh, I'd rather vote for Pat Paulsen. Oh wait, he's dead. Hmm, what other candidate is a joke... ?
9.17.2008 12:43pm
Kevin R:
Our chief priority is the economy, and foreign relations... er, our two priorities are the economy, foreign relations, and energy..

Amongst our priorities are...
9.17.2008 12:59pm
Sasha Volokh (mail) (www):
Kevin R.: I wasn't expecting that.
9.17.2008 1:05pm
ASlyJD (mail):
Darby Conley had a joke on this Friday: Get Fuzzy Comic Sep 12
9.17.2008 1:10pm
Anon #319:
Great another candiate with "natural born citizen" problems...
9.17.2008 1:11pm

Kevin R.: I wasn't expecting that.

I'll bite.

Nobody expects the Volokh inquisition!
9.17.2008 1:14pm
I actually thought it was going to be a website promoting Todd Palin's credentials to be veep. You know he's won the Iron Dog! And he can see Russia from his house.
9.17.2008 1:37pm
Syd Henderson (mail):
Well, he's been around the world from Pole to Pole and circled the Pacific. That's more foreign policy experience than most of the other candidates.
9.17.2008 1:38pm
M. Python:
9.17.2008 1:52pm
Opher Banarie (mail) (www):
Pat C: ...what other candidate is a joke... ?

Well, he's not (yet) running for president, but I think that Al Franken would qualify as a joke.
9.17.2008 1:56pm
Voting for Batman:
And I watched Brazil over the weekend. He has such a great turn in the film; so much less over the top than most of the other cast. The torture stenographer might be my favorite scene from the movie.
9.17.2008 3:03pm
one of many:
Wait I recognize that face. Didn't he run for British Parliament back when his name was P'tang P'tang Ole Biscuit Barrel? What is he hiding by changing his name? So he's traveled the world from pole to pole, does that mean he cannot hold a job or was he on the run from something? Who vetted him.
9.17.2008 3:09pm
Federal Dog:
I oppose this candidacy on grounds that if he is elected, he will reconstitute the Ministry Of Silly Walks.
9.17.2008 3:25pm
David Warner:
Two bad the constitutional limit on silly parties in a particular election is two and we've already met our quota...
9.17.2008 4:47pm
Martinus (mail) (www):
He's still more qualified than Barak Obama!
9.17.2008 6:59pm
He's still more qualified than Barak Obama!
Doubled and squared.
9.17.2008 8:14pm
I wonder if Palin's "national security" credentials will be damaged by the fact she picked a bad (easily guessable) password/"security question" for her Yahoo email account.

For those who haven't heard:
9.17.2008 9:42pm
David Warner:

I wonder if the left's civil liberties/privacy credentials will be damaged by this flagrant violation of Palin's.
9.18.2008 2:32pm