If You're Interested in Law and Religion,

you should be reading Prof. Howard Friedman's Religion Clause blog -- the most comprehensive and timely news source I've seen on law and religion issues. The blog covers both American news and foreign, and both court cases and newspaper reports. It's like How Appealing but for law and religion rather than for appellate cases; I highly recommend it.

Sagar (mail):
Even if you are not interested in religion, but would like to brush up on various "Arbitration" frameworks such as Sharia ... you better get up to speed on Law &Religion :)

Times online has an article on "UK's First Sharia Courts"

Viva Britannia! or whatever the poms used to say!
9.15.2008 6:50pm
JosephSlater (mail):
I'll disclose that Howard Friedman is a (wonderful) former colleague of mine. Now I'll enthusiastically second EV's recommendation. If you have any interest in law and religion at all, you should check out this blog.
9.16.2008 10:20am
Peter-F&F (www):
Looks interesting, added to the reader.

Thanks for the tip.
9.16.2008 2:33pm