Videos of Sarah Palin:
Maybe this is obvious, but you can see a lot of interviews of and speeches by Sarah Palin over at YouTube.
Norman Bates (mail):
I like her take on the polar bear issue!
8.29.2008 1:13pm
J. Aldridge:
She is already driving liberals wild. CNN already linking her with Stevens! Someone better inform the loonies she is Stevens worst critic.

Obama already dissing her for being a small town girl. I guess he was hoping on another Washington insider like Biden.

Going to be fun watching Dems shoot themselves in the foot.
8.29.2008 1:36pm
ChrisIowa (mail):

Obama already dissing her for being a small town girl.

Obama just lost Iowa.
8.29.2008 1:41pm
Eric K.:
She's from a small town, she clings to guns and religion... outrageous, isn't it?
8.29.2008 1:48pm
Sarcastro (www):
She's full of foreign policy experience, cause she's like rightnext door to Alaska!

8.29.2008 2:05pm
Michael B (mail):
Palin is an inspired choice, potentially a very inspired choice. That will be up to Palin to substantiate, to prove, but virtually every indication suggests she has the mettle, has the gravitas, has the wherewithal. Palin is well grounded, soundly and thoughtfully articulate, probative in terms of domestic policy issues, not at all prone to gaffs, not at all a Ferraro-styled gamble, not even remotely close.

A sound choice, potentially a formidable choice. Time, and Palin, will tell, but there is reason to be more than merely cautiously optimistic about this pick.
8.29.2008 2:08pm
Michael B (mail):
Kristol on Palin gets to the heart of much of it. Properly framing the oil/gas/energy debate, a genuinely accomplished reform governor and executive - speaking to responsibility and stewardship and heritage, politically sound and energetic as well.
8.29.2008 2:25pm
EH (mail):
Michael B brings up a very astute point. Palin's experience with the Alaska Oil and Gas Commission continues a tradition of the VP having deep connections to energy lobbyists.
8.29.2008 2:30pm
Michael B (mail):
Palin was the head of the Alaska Oil and Gas Conservation Commission, and how could that be anything but a plus? While head of that commission, she filed ethics complaints against then state Republican Party Chairman Randy Ruedrich as well as another Republican, a Gregg Renkes. Which means she's not a hackneyed party loyalist.

8.29.2008 6:18pm
Michael Drake (mail) (www):
"Obama already dissing her for being a small town girl."

Got a citation for that?

"CNN already linking her with Stevens!"

You mean in that he endorsed her in 2006? Or something else? Again, a citation would be nice.

"she is Stevens worst critic"

Really? Just back in July she said that Stevens "has dedicated his life to the betterment of the state." I'm pretty sure I've heard tougher criticism.

"I guess he was hoping on another Washington insider like Biden."

Should we trust your guesses as much as your assertions?
8.29.2008 8:14pm