Chevron Sheet Set:

This was simply too funny not to post. Who knew that Chevron was so "stylish"?

[UPDATE: And just so there is no confusion: That's a different Jonathan Adler.]

In general, courts should defer to their gasoline as well.
8.25.2008 12:31pm
Chevron: The sheets so comfortable they'll defer to your body shape every time! Even though Congress says sheets this soft are bad for your health, we think that you, the consumer, know best.
8.25.2008 12:43pm
Snaphappy Fishsuit Mokiligon:
I can't decide whether you're being intentionally or unintentionally hilarious by revealing that you googled your own name with "chevron" to see whether people are talking about your recent observations. Either way, hilarious!
8.25.2008 12:54pm
Jonathan H. Adler (mail) (www):
Sorry SFM, but I didn't Google this one. It was forward to me by a colleague.

8.25.2008 1:39pm
That's a different Jonathan Adler

In a way, I'm sure it is...
8.25.2008 1:49pm
Snaphappy Fishsuit Mokiligon:
What a coinky-dink!
8.25.2008 2:10pm
John Armstrong (mail) (www):
Wow. I really can't tell if math education is seriously so bad you don't know what a chevron was before the company came along.
8.25.2008 2:17pm
No sheet.
8.25.2008 2:17pm
Glenn W. Bowen (mail):
My wife always refers to that particular establishment as "Bed, Bath, and Bl*w Me".
8.25.2008 2:36pm
PCB (mail) (www):
Um, a chevron is a common textile pattern. Not just a company.
8.25.2008 2:44pm
Displaced Midwesterner:
Personally, I have always found that Chevron is good for when you are trying to sleep.
8.25.2008 2:59pm
Dave N (mail):
And just so there is no confusion: That's a different Jonathan Adler.
That's OK, I used to confuse you with Newsweek's Jonathan Alter. But that is more a failing of my reading comprehension skills than anything else.
8.25.2008 3:06pm
Freddy Hill:
I knew it wasn't you, Jonathan. Your thread count at the Conspiracy must be well over 300. And that does not count the Bench Memos.
8.25.2008 3:08pm
LM (mail):
Jonathan Adler chevron sheets? I assume drilling is permitted.
8.25.2008 3:40pm
fortyninerdweet (mail):
The perfect gift set for the counsel(s) of record.
8.25.2008 8:19pm
Actually, there is a connection to law here. That's Amy Adler's brother, and she taught Admin my first year at NYU.

Faculty Profile
8.26.2008 4:19pm
Rich Rostrom (mail):
What's really funny is that the pattern on those sheets bears no resemblance to the recognized form of a chevron.
8.28.2008 5:11am