My Mayer Brown LLP Colleagues Andy Frey and Herbert Zarov Also Make Lawdragon's "500 Leading Lawyers in America":

I haven't had the pleasure of working with Zarov, but I have worked with Andy Frey ("Formerly a Deputy Solicitor General, Frey has argued more than 60 cases before the U.S. Supreme Court"), and have very much enjoyed it.

Frey fan:
Andy Frey -- any relation to Albert Frey?
1.25.2008 7:23pm
I'm rather suspicious of the list. Its "methodology" appears to be listing lawyers whose names have showed up in articles most frequently. There are quite a few lawyers I was surprised to see left off of the list, until it occurred to me that it's probably a stupid list.

Not to take anything away from your colleagues, of course. From what I know, the ones you've mentioned are excellent lawyers.
1.26.2008 9:42am