The Atlantic Web Site Now Free,

and that apparently includes all its archives. Cool. Extra bonus: The current issue has Virginia Postrel's Substance-of-Style-ish piece on fonts, plus an interview with the director of the documentary Helvetica.

Did you mean this one? The link is to an interview.

Once again, for anyone interested in this stuff, I recommend the 7th Circuit manual on typefaces in briefs.
1.23.2008 6:29pm
Eugene Volokh (www):
Whoops, that's right -- corrected, thanks!
1.23.2008 6:58pm
Dave N (mail):
This is a welcome trend. The Atlantic is joining the New York Times and, to a lesser extent the Wall Street Journal in doing so. I hope the trend continues.

Old media's business model was that to make money on the internet, they had to charge subscribers, just like they sold magazines and newspapers at newsstands. They forgot that advertising was the real money maker even in "the good old days."

But with the internet, information was so readily available, people were less willing to pay for access and so the walls have slowly fallen. And others have shown there is way to make money on the internet, even if the site is free.

As I write this post, there is a Blockbuster ad flashing to my immediate right. I clicked on it just to see what happened. I am guessing that one of the things that happened is that Eugene and the other conspirators received a few coins in their pocket for my effort. And this site remains otherwise free.
1.23.2008 7:04pm
Martin George (www):
Excellent, although one irritation remains: no RSS feeds.
1.23.2008 7:06pm