Tom Brady and Me:

Tom Brady generally has vastly better fashion sense than I do. However, he apparently is wearing a very similar orthopedic boot to the one that I have. I'm wearing it because I had surgery for a broken ankle seven weeks ago and am not yet allowed to walk without one. Brady's injury is probably an ankle sprain or other relatively mild problem. If it were a fracture like mine, he would not be allowed to walk at all right now, and certainly not without the orthopedic boot (which he was spotted doing later the same day).

However, just in case Brady really is unable to play in the Super Bowl, I'd like to let the Patriots know that my boot comes off Thursday, and I've thrown almost as many passes this season as backup QB Matt Cassel. I'd be more than happy to take a few snaps for my favorite NFL team, so long as the Pats offensive line keeps Michael Strahan & Co. as far away from me as possible:).