More Discussions of Boucher, Virginia v. Moore:
I recently did two audio/video discussions of cases I have blogged about here at the VC. First, I did an ABC News online video interview about In re Boucher, the Fifth Amendment crypto case. Second, I did a Federalist Society podcast discussing the Supreme Court's oral argument in Virginia v. Moore, the Fourth Amendment case.

  You can watch my discussion of Boucher here (about 5 minutes long), and listen to my podcast on Moore here (about 13 minutes long).
Nicely done professor. It's always hard to explain difficult legal issues to non-lawyers.

And nice tie.
1.22.2008 11:23pm
George Weiss (mail):
i like the part where the anchor on fox news didn't know what to call you..almost said "your honor"

1.23.2008 12:00am