Upcoming Panel on Executive Power:

This Thursday, I will be on a panel on executive power at the upcoming Federalist Society 10th Annual Faculty Conference in New York City. The other panelists will be Harvard political theorist Harvey Mansfield, Sandy Levinson of the University of Texas (and the Balkinization blog), and my George Mason colleague Neomi Rao. I anticipate that, on this issue, I will have more points of agreement with Sandy than with Neomi and Professor Mansfield, which is an interesting role reversal. Some of my reservations about unfettered wartime executive power are discussed in this post.

As usual, the Fed Soc conference scheduled to coincide with the annual AALS conference. This panel will be held at 6:30 PM at the Parker Meridien Hotel, 118 W. 57th St., in the Tansa Room.

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I still think that 'Commander-in-Chief' is a separate job from President, but one whose only qualification is that the incumbent be President. My reasoning is simply that Congress has authority to control the military including, presumably, the top military person, but not to control the President; so they must be different jobs.

Thus, when the person who is also President puts on his CinC hat, he places himself under Congress's Article I power to control the military. The Presidency takes no power at all from the CinC, they're constitutionally different offices.
1.2.2008 9:02am
Tracy Johnson (www):
But what if we have an Executive power shortage? Will we not get rolling Executive brown outs?
1.2.2008 9:28am