Who Was Justice Moody?:
My friend and colleague Jon Siegel recently started a blog, Law Prof on the Loose, and he is asking that question in a post you can access here.
Elliot Reed:
Drat. Here I had been hoping this was some kind of Harry Potter joke. . .
2.20.2007 3:08pm
Dave Hardy (mail) (www):
Wasn't he known as The Great Concurrer?
2.20.2007 3:48pm
MDJD2B (mail):
He isn't the only such justice.

Horace Gray wrote brilliant, clear opinions, at least in two classic conflict of laws cases-- Hilton v. Guyot and Milliken v. Pratt. There seems to be little about him on the Web, though he seems to have been precociouciously successful as a judge. He was elevated from the Massachussets Supteme Court to the US Supreme court. He was the youngest appointee ever to the former, and Brandeis was his clerk. He was the first US Supreme Court justice to hire a clerk.
2.20.2007 4:31pm
Mark Tushnet (mail):
Shouldn't the header be "Why Was Justice Moody?"
2.20.2007 6:16pm
elChato (mail):

I see some time updating Wikipedia in your future . . .
2.20.2007 9:37pm