Wow, This Is Really Cool:
Via Appellate Law & Practice, I see that the Oyez site has now paired Supreme Court oral argument transcripts with audio files to create a really cool syncronized watch-and-listen experience. I don't know how many cases have been matched up already, but the combined effect is pretty sweet. Check out an example.
non-native speaker:
This is great for those of us who have an interest in American law and do our own research at home (in my case, for the pleasure of it), reading written materials but without the opportunity to discuss it verbally with other people. I have just discovered that "v." in case citation is read "versus" instead of "and" (as — I think — is the practice in England), and that the "g" in Ginsburg sounds like "gu" in "guilty" rather than "g" in "gintonic". :-)
2.20.2007 4:41am
Chris Bell (mail):
The pictures are hilarious
2.20.2007 9:22am

Very cool, indeed. As a person who studies divided attention and memory, I wondered: Would retention and comprehension of arguments be higher when watching and listening to face-oral pairings versus listening to oral arguments only? I suspect the answer would depend on which argument elements were being tested.
2.20.2007 10:33am