The Conspiracy Takes Over the Supreme Court Economic Review:

Co-blogger Todd Zywicki and I are the new Co-Editors of the Supreme Court Economic Review, beginning with Volume 17. We are filling the VERY large shoes left by our predecessors Lloyd Cohen and Francesco Parisi, who did an outstanding job.

The SCER is one of the country's best-known peer-reviewed law journals focused on constitutional and public law. We invite submissions in the areas of constitutional law, judicial power, regulation, law and economics, and constitutional political economy. We are particularly interested in articles that address these types of issues using the tools of economics, political science, and other interdisciplinary approaches. We of course welcome submissions by economists, political scientists, and other scholars outside the legal academy.

Not only is SCER the first academic journal to be co-edited by two Volokh Conspiracy members, it is also now the first to be co-edited by two former clerks of Judge Jerry E. Smith of the Fifth Circuit!