Kennedy Correction:

This morning, the Washington Post appended a correction to Senator Kennedy's op-ed attack against Justice Alito and Chief Justice Roberts.

Xmas (mail) (www):
I'm reading the original post about the Kennedy editorial.

As far as Gonzales v. Oregon was concerned, I thought that Roberts joined Scalia's dissenting opinion because the Supreme Court was contradicting an earlier decision passed only a few months previous, Gonzales v. Raich.

Oh wait, that was Thomas's separate dissent. But the gist of the Scalia dissent is pretty much the same. The law passed by Congress allows the Attorney General to decide what is or is not a legitimate medical purpose. If Teddy has a problem with how the Court reads the actual wording of the law, then he should try to change the law.

I don't like my Senator at all.
8.1.2006 1:45pm
The correction is appended at the top of the page, but the text of the article is still wrong. Is that typical for the Washington Post, or other online publications?
8.1.2006 2:49pm