Comments Policies:

David Kravitz (Blue Mass. Group) blogs about them.

Bruce Hayden (mail) (www):
One of the reasons I like this blog is precisely because of its comment policy. No name calling. Everyone mostly respectful. Not only does it force me to stay civil, but it greatly raises the level of discource, as compared to most other blogs. I think that one big advantage is that not only do the discussions stay civil here, but because of that, it attracts a much higher class of blogger.

I should add that a couple of years ago, Eugene sent me an email mildly rebuking me for incivility in a listserve group, and I followed his link back here, and discovered blogging.

In any case, this is one of my two favorite blogs, the other being Althouse, for similar reasons. Keep up the good work.
5.20.2006 10:42am
bob montgomery:
Your comment policy is a bit unique, at least in how it is worded. Another interesting one (my favorite) is at, a baseball blog:

However, this is not a public street corner. While I am a rabid free speech supporter, your natural right to self expression does not require us to publish your opinion and spend bandwith and resources doing so.

We will ban for any reason and for no reason. In order to ban people who are lame, we will inevitably end up banning people who have done nothing wrong. There's no appeal process. Bans may be permanent, and they may be adjusted to better target specific people, or repealed entirely.

Seriously: no reason will be given. No explanations will be given on who's banned, why, or when.

The "no reason" section done, here's my guess at the kind of things that will get people banned.

Abusive behavior towards others. When you post in reply to people, pretend that you are arguing with an umpire.
"You blew that call, he was safe by a mile." = Okay
"You blow." = Ejected

Or, if we had a U.S.S. Mariner get-together, we were all eating pizza and drinking beer, having a good time, would yelling your comment get you punched, then or later?

As with anything relating to tone, this is obviously a subjective and lame standard. It will be applied inconsistently: you may see someone get away with something one day and the next week someone's gone for the same thing. It's going to happen.

I just admire that honesty. The rest of the comment policy is a pretty fun read as well.

Incidentally, their site generally has pretty fantastic comments. :)
5.22.2006 1:48pm