Bluth Family Estate Sale:

For those of us still holding out hope for the return of Arrested Development on another network, the announcement of the Bluth Family Estate Sale this weekend is yet another nail in the coffin of those hopes:

Friday, May 19 – Sunday, May 21, 2006 2032 Stoner Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90025 | Driving Directions and Map 8:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m. Estate Sales Los Angeles is pleased to announce that it will conduct an exciting prop house sale of the contents of one of Twentieth Century Fox Television's favorite television shows of the past decade "Arrested Development".

Spectacular array of items will include several periods of furniture, magic show accessories and artifacts, interior décor items, art, books, kitchen appliances and kitchen ware, interior/exterior lighting, office furniture, extensive entertainment memorabilia and too much more to itemize.

Don't miss the opportunity to own a piece of this show.

JosephSlater (mail):
Drat. I was one of those still holding out hope.
5.18.2006 4:47pm
My kitchen will not be complete without a corn-baller.
5.18.2006 5:15pm
Johnny Hellhole (mail):
I'm so going to that.
5.18.2006 5:30pm
Mike BUSL07 (mail) (www):
Man, I really hope that stuff ends up on eBay. Tobias's hair transplant, Buster's hook - it's all gold.

- "But here you call it "a *sausage* in the mouth""
- "Actually, we just call it a sausage.
5.18.2006 6:35pm
Zywicki (mail):
Michael: "Gob, get rid of 'The Seaward'."

Lucille: "I'll leave when I'm good and ready."
5.18.2006 7:22pm
Freder Frederson (mail):
How about the step-truck, are they selling that?
5.18.2006 7:51pm
J. Reinhold:

Michael: Wayne, what you doing here?

Wayne Jarvis: We heard about the trial. We want to make a deal with you.

Michael: A deal? It's a mock trial.

Wayne Jarvis: Read the Patriot Act: "Anything said in a mock trial or daytime courtroom show can be used in any real criminal proceeding, or prime-time procedural show, subject to the interpretation of the presiding judge, or the executive producer."

Michael: In our case, Judge Reinhold is both.
5.18.2006 8:34pm
Donny Host (mail):
Are they donating any of the proceeds to fight TBA?
5.18.2006 8:44pm
J Rob (mail) (www):
Hey Freder,

It's called the "stair car" ya jackass.


5.19.2006 2:52am
Judge R.:
But what's to become of Bob Loblaw's Law Blog?
5.19.2006 4:53pm