Welcome, Professor Volokh:

I'm pleased to report that my brother Sasha -- one of the cofounding members of what was then the Volokh Brothers blog, but who's been off the blog while clerking -- will be spending the next two academic years as Visiting Assistant Professor at the Georgetown University Law Center. Professor Volokh, welcome to The Guild, and to your new title! (Of course, he's Professor Doctor Volokh, rather than my own Professor Volokh.)

My coblogger Randy Barnett will also be joining Georgetown (as a full professor), as will Rosa Brooks from the University of Virginia; Amanda Leiter will be also be a Visiting Assistant Professor. It seems to me that Georgetown is doing very well for itself.

Will Professor Doctor Volokh be rejoining the blog?
5.15.2006 5:59pm
Sasha (mail):
5.15.2006 6:05pm
Seems like Georgetown Law Center also has a pretty impressive commencement speaker lined up:
5.15.2006 6:07pm
Chris Lansdown (mail) (www):
Professor Doctor Volokh? Isn't that a bit Cerman? Or do you ruskis do the same thing for titles? :)
5.15.2006 6:17pm
Chris Lansdown (mail) (www):
Ack! I meant, "Isn't that a bit German?"
5.15.2006 6:17pm
Eugene Volokh (www):
It does remind me of Herr Doktor Professor. To my knowledge, we Russkies don't go for that, and I'm glad Americans don't, either -- which is why, I think, it sounds (a bit) funny.
5.15.2006 6:21pm
The River Temoc (mail):
Russians are "kandidate nauk" (a lower PhD) or "doktor nauk" (a higher PhD).
5.15.2006 6:30pm
William Spieler (mail) (www):
Sasha, what classes are you teaching? I'm looking to fill out my schedule next year.
5.15.2006 6:44pm
Greg Kaplan (mail):
Dear Eugene,

Could you be interested in real conspiracy story involving another Russki kandidat nauk. Please check you e-mail at
5.15.2006 7:27pm
The Drill SGT (mail):
German's carry it a bit far when wives get titles like Frau Doktor
5.15.2006 7:47pm
PeteRR (mail):
Field Marshal President Professor Doctor Volokh.

Stolen from Idi Amin.
5.15.2006 7:56pm
Legal Thoughts (mail):
Damn. Last year we had Lee Hamilton when I graduated from GULC. Congrats to Profs. Volokh and Leiter. Wish they could have gotten there, along with Prof. Barnett, a couple of years earlier!
5.15.2006 8:08pm
William Spieler (mail) (www):
I'm serious, by the way - he's not listed on our course schedule page yet for either semester next year for upperclass courses.
5.15.2006 9:13pm
Robert Schwartz (mail):
Sasha: Remember Drezner. Don't blog, until you get tenure.
5.15.2006 10:43pm
Sasha (mail):
Robert Schwartz: I doubt I'll be able to resist. Yup, pretty sure I won't be.
5.15.2006 10:49pm
Sasha (mail):
Mr. Spieler: All will be revealed in due course.
5.15.2006 10:49pm
Bruce Hayden (mail) (www):
Friend of mine when he was in the reserves, would occasionally manage to visit Germany in uniform, where he was referred to as: Professor Doctor Doctor Lt. Colonel (I believe in that order). A bit overboard, if you ask me.
5.15.2006 11:05pm
Joe Henchman (mail):
Idi Amin also made himself King of Scotland, so you need to work that in too.
5.15.2006 11:50pm
U.Va. 1L (mail):
Robert Schwarz: It worked well for JNOV.

And good for GULC. Not only do they get the esteemed younger Volokh, they get Rosa Brooks as well, who did an excellent job as my Con Law professor this semester.
5.16.2006 1:08am
Tennessean (mail):
The big question is what happens regarding UVa's real pluck -- what is Rosa's husband going to do?
5.16.2006 1:42am
Witness (mail):
Brooks isn't going to be at GULC for another 2 years, from what I understand. She's going to be at the Open Society Institute in NYC until then.

Her spouse, Peter Brooks, the literary scholar, will be leaving the University of Virginia (where he taught in the English Department and the Law School) to return to Yale.
5.16.2006 3:16am
It is not just Germany but pretty much all of continental Europe that uses the title "Professor Doctor", the obvious reason being that professors here actually have doctorates.

Of course, this then seems odd to the US world of (legal) academia, where law professors would "only" finish some postgraduate vocational school and do a bit of apprenticeship rather than prove themselves worthy by doing some serious scholarly work.

And it is also a reason why Sasha's doctorate, albeit in economics, makes him all the more endearing to and liked by us Europeans, conservatives and liberals alike.

(You may, and should, read one of the above paragraphs as tongue-in-cheek.)
5.16.2006 6:43am
Robert Racansky:
<blockquote>Robert Schwartz:<br>Sasha: Remember Drezner. Don't blog, until you get tenure.<br>5.15.2006 9:43pm<br><br>Sasha:<br>Robert Schwartz: I doubt I'll be able to resist. Yup, pretty sure I won't be.<br>5.15.2006 9:49pm

If you can't resist blogging, use a pseudonym, like "Alexander."

Oh wait...
5.16.2006 10:01am

If you can't resist blogging, use a pseudonym, like "Alexander."

Oh wait...

Or he could post as "Juan Junger Volokh." It's the perfect concealment!
5.16.2006 10:56am
Sasha (mail):
Non-Juan Volokh.
5.16.2006 11:13am
Is Ms. Brooks' writings at her blog are any indication, the University of Virginia will survive. Peter Brooks is another issue entirely.
5.16.2006 11:31am
TomHynes (mail):
My alma mater UVA law is getting Professor Doctor Richard Hynes for a year from William and Mary. Eugene isn't the only one to brag about his little brother.
5.16.2006 2:42pm