Chills II
A kind reader of the VC sent me the link to the following video that pairs the original images of Michael Jordan with the amazing recreation for the recent Nike commercial that gave me and many others chills every time I watched it. Four comments:

(1) The recreation was even more impressive than I thought. Notice how the reactions of other players to the Jordan move are also recreated. This must have been very difficult.

(2) There was a debate in comments on the original post over whether the recreation showed the "push off" by Jordan that freed him up for his "final shot." Whether or not the contact constituted an illegal push off and whether or not the recreation showed the contact at all, Jordan's contact is much more visible and obvious in the original than in the recreation and this cannot have been an accident. (see point (1))

(3) I think the recreation is somehow more poignant than the original of the very same action.

(4) I still get chills from this. Either version.

Vincent, Paul (mail):
No insult intended, but I don't follow basketball at any level, and neither version does a thing for me. Compared to MotoGP, basketball is just too slowly paced.
5.15.2006 9:03am
elliottg (mail):
I thought the side-by-side was an actual version of the commercial at first. I wonder if Nike will run it that way.
5.15.2006 12:47pm
I find these videos chilling as well, but for different reasons than you do. These videos are not only selling sneakers. They are selling culture. Unfortunately, the cultural sale is every bit or more effective than the sneaker sale. These videos (and frankly our attitudes toward them) add further weight to the myth that the way out for young black men is to "Be Like Mike." Since only one in a few thousand will succeed, what of the others? Where are the other avenues to success? Why doesn't Nike run commercials of young people in Nike's actually working for a living? Or wearing Nike's to receive an academic award? The mass marketed, sports/hip-hop culture is pointing too many young people in the wrong direction. That these commercials are so effective at pointing in that direction is what is truly chilling.
5.15.2006 2:53pm
Bob Smith (mail):
If only I could watch MotoGP here in the states. Still, the surge of tiny-engine-itis in Europe (800cc in MotoGP, the ridiculous 2.4L V-8s in F1) makes it less watchable and interesting, so I'm not so bummed about missing it.
5.15.2006 3:11pm
BGates (mail) (www):
I bet you guys are great at parties.

Downplaying the pushoff gives me an idea for another commercial - have kids reenacting the signature non-calls of the game's greats - Jordan pushing off, Ewing taking 4 steps in the lane, Shaq pummeling people, etc.
5.15.2006 3:49pm

You can't be serious. You can't figure out what a SPORTS EQUIPMENT COMPANY shows sports clips rather than academic ones? Do you regularly wear Nike basketball shoes at work?
5.15.2006 4:35pm
Nels Nelson (mail):
Well, obviously this commercial wasn't intended for the non-fan. Or those who don't believe in heroes.

I hadn't realized how blatant that pushoff was until seeing this, and I can't imagine Nike (or Jordan) would want that actual footage shown side-by-side with the recreation.

While my reaction to the original commercial was emotional - a little like experiencing all the memories associated with a smell - this version seems to elicit more of a technical appreciation.
5.15.2006 5:31pm
Vincent, Paul (mail):
Bob Smith,
Speed Channel carries it (Dish Network # 150) on a delayed basis (check for listings), and if you want to spend about 25 Euros, you can get the live feed on the official website (as well as a ton more info and access to their archives. Also, 2006 is the final year of 1 liter racing (2007 is the first for 800 cc.).
5.15.2006 6:01pm
JKB (mail):
Forget the cultural impacts, notice that not one of the clips involves a pass, and most of them don't even involve MJ's teammates.

The problem with telling everyone to "be like Mike", is that very few possibly can, but they fail to recognize this fact, and thus, diminish the quality of basketball in the process. See nearly half the NBA for examples.
5.15.2006 8:46pm
Irensaga (mail):
Luke 16:9-10, King James Version (Christ speaking)

"And the lard commended the unjust steward, because he had done wisely: for the children of this world are in their generation wiser than the children of light.
And I say unto you, Make to yourselves friends of the mammon of unrighteousness ..."

The point being that those in this world who are out to make a profit are more effective than those in the world who wish to "make a difference." Learn from the amoral capitalists and go change the world.

I agree, this was a very inspirational visual flick.

And yes, I'm absolutely tedious at parties.
5.15.2006 9:56pm
Irensaga (mail):
First line should have read "lord." oops.
5.15.2006 9:56pm