I Demand a Fatwa:

Several seemingly reputable press accounts (NPR, New York Times, and The Observer (U.K.)) report that, when the 12 Danish cartoons depicting Mohammed were distributed in many Muslim countries, they were distributed alongside three other cartoons that were much more offensive. One of the extra cartoons showed Mohammed as a pedophile demon, another showing him with a pig snout, and a third apparently showing a praying Muslim being sexually mounted by a dog. The accounts report that the cartoons were in a packet distributed by some radical Danish Muslim imams, who are apparently not saying where they got the cartoons.

Now the first two cartoons, if they purport to be depictions of Mohammed, would presumably be at least as blasphemous as the original ones (if not more so). What's more, anyone who distributed them as the work of the Danish cartoonists, knowing that this wasn't so, is guilty of bearing false witness against others — potentially in a way that threatens others' lives. I take it that Islam takes a dim view of that.

Is there an attempt to bring this heinous blasphemer to Islamic justice? To punish him for his sins against Allah and his fellow man? If there is, please let me know about this.

Patrick McKenzie (mail):
The LGF crowd has the pig "cartoon". Its actually just a full-color image of a French performer (in a "dress up like a pig" contest) which had had a simple Photoshop filter applied to it to make it look black-and-white in a style vaguely reminiscient of the WSJ's "cartoon" faces they use to illustrate stories.

So I guess you can add outright fabrication of evidence to the fatwa?
2.7.2006 11:21pm
More on the fabricated pictures here
2.7.2006 11:29pm
Steve Donohue (mail) (www):
The pig one is the least bad of the other three. Both the demon cartoon and the "dog" cartoon are quite vile and well, well beyond anything that was in the original set of 12. In fact, they are bad enough that I could understand newspapers not wanting to show them.

Of course, they are forgeries, and they were distributed by people wishing to promote this newest holy skirmish. I would think that if all the prohibitions against depicting Mohammed are true, there's a special place in Hell waiting for them.
2.7.2006 11:33pm
Is there an attempt to bring this heinous blasphemer to Islamic justice?

Yes. Force him to listen to Howard Stern for a month.
2.8.2006 12:25am
Pius XXX:
Ah, but bearing false witness against Dhimmi Danes is not a transgression in Sharia, and is not punished. Only brother Muslims must be accorded such respect.
2.8.2006 12:41am
Eugene Volokh (www):
Pius XXX: Are you making a claim about actual Islamic law as it is generally understood? Or is your claim simply that some Muslims don't in practice take the prohibitions against false witness seriously enough?
2.8.2006 1:38am
Jon Black (mail):
Mr. Volokh, I am big fan of yours, but I dare say your sarcasm-meter needs some serious recalibration.
2.8.2006 1:52am
Wintermute (www):
Dadgummit, I always wisht I cud draw.
2.8.2006 2:11am
No One In Particular (mail):
Arabic speakers who have seen the original dossier tell met that it did make it clear that the three "extra" cartoons where never published.

Update: reading Wikipedia I found an online link - no longer working - to the/an Arabic dossier on the cartoons written by the Denmark group of Imams. Having given it a speed read, it appeared to me that while the dossier was written post-facto to their official meetings, its Arabic text did clearly indicate the incendiary 'extra cartoons' were not published, but were ones received by certain unidentified protest leaders, post their public protests in Denmark.

Link to blog entry at Aqoul
2.8.2006 2:17am
Pius XXX and Prof. Volokh: I believe Pius is referring to the practice known as taqiyya.
2.8.2006 10:14am
Prof. Volokh raises an interesting point, which will become even more acute when Europe becomes fully Sharia. Is there some procedure where a dhimmi can ask for a death warrant against wayward Muslims. In this case, dhimmis are the ones suffering because of the criminal blasphemy of the Danish Imams. Surely there must be some procedure to "behead those who insult Islam" and have the Danish Imams killed. How do you go about it?
2.8.2006 2:11pm
Pius XXX:
Prof. &Joshua:
No, I am not speaking of Taqiyya. I am making a claim about normative Islamic law, and that is that an element of many offenses in Islamic law, and among them bearing false witness, is that the target/victim of the offense be Muslim. I would appreciate if any expert in Islamic Law here would comment on this question.
2.8.2006 3:04pm