Funny NY Times Headline:

Column A1, today's Times: "Record Sales of Sleep Pills Cause Worry." Funny, I would've thought it was the other way 'round . . .

Bob Loblaw (www):
I'm sure I'm being obtuse, but - huh?
2.7.2006 8:17am
David Post (mail) (www):
geez, when ya have to explain a joke, it kinda loses something, eh? joke is: you'd think 'worry' would increase sleeping pill sales, not the other way round . . .
2.7.2006 8:24am
Bob Loblaw (www):
Hmmm. Don't quit your day job.
2.7.2006 8:42am
VolvoDriver (mail):
Tough crowd. Evidently Mr. Loblaw left his sense of humor at home today. Maybe he's not gertting enough sleep.
2.7.2006 9:17am
Bob Loblaw (www):
Hey, I'm gertting plenty of sleep.


Two nuns are bicycling down a cobbled street. One nun says, "I've never come this way before." The other nun says, "Must be the cobbles."
2.7.2006 9:23am
David Matthews (mail):
David -- I thought it was funny.

Bob -- well....
2.7.2006 10:00am
Bob Loblaw (www):
OK - A skeleton walks into a bar. He orders a beer and a mop.
2.7.2006 10:05am
Abdul (mail):
David Post,

Next time Taranto takes the day off, you get his seat over at Opinion Journal's Best of the Web.
2.7.2006 10:42am
Robert Racansky:
A guy walks into a bar. The bartender asks "Is this a joke?"
2.7.2006 1:45pm
Dustin (mail):
Sam Alito walks into the bar at olive garden and orders the garlic bread with extra garlic.

Bartender says: Certs denied!
2.7.2006 2:24pm
JGR (mail):

Expatiation blunts wit. It's a psychological rule that if someone doesn't get a joke the first time, they almost never think it's funny when it's explained, even if a large percentage of people think it's funny. Essentially, the fact that you didn't get it the first time round disqualified you from judging its humor content fairly.
2.8.2006 6:06am