Super Bowl Ads:
You can watch them all here. Thanks to Gordon Smith for the link.
Kovarsky (mail):
Two points:

(1) The hummer commercial during the 3d quarter, by a landslide.

(2) I think it's funny that super bowl commercials are developing their own self-referential literary tropes. I hate this word, but for lack of a better one I noticed a significant uptick in how "meta" some of them were this year. Super bowl commercials referencing the tradition of super bowl commercials. Who'da thunk it?
2.6.2006 1:59am
YES!!! This is the year we got that one for the thumb!

(and the hamster mcdonalds commercial was the best!)
2.6.2006 2:36am
jgshapiro (mail):
Best Commercial: The FedEx commercial with the caveman.

Worst commercial: Burger King, by a landslide.
2.6.2006 4:27am
Cornellian (mail):
Will they ever top the Miller Lite "cat fight" commercial?
2.6.2006 9:27am
Overall, I thought they were better this year than the last couple years.
2.6.2006 9:51am
Paul Zummo (mail) (www):
Best: the revolving fridge, with the Hummer being a close second.

Worst: All of the Pepsi ads, though the BK one was quite atrocious as well.
2.6.2006 10:15am
Kent Scheidegger (mail) (www):
Imagine that. Ads on the Internet that people actually click on purpose, rather than being popped up in your face while you're looking for something else.
2.6.2006 10:41am
Jared K.:
They're also available on Google Video in a non-flash interface, bigger, and available to download if you're so inclined. Seems like they each have a different subset of the total ads, so if you're trying to find a specific one you should check both sites.
2.6.2006 11:08am