My Dartmouth Trustee Email:

Dartmouth readers--as one of the few College-approved contacts with alumni during the Trustee election, we are permitted to send 2 emails during the balloting period. This past Thursday (the 10th), you should have received an email from two candidates, one from me and one from another candidate (Ric Lewis). They should have arrived roughly at the same time in your inbox sometime between 5:00-6:00 p.m. on Thursday. I have received several isolated reports from friends who (1) received Mr. Lewis's email but (2) not mine, and I am trying to determine whether there is a problem here, and if so, the scope of the problem. Others have received both of ours. I have not yet heard from anyone who received mine but not Mr. Lewis's.

I have enabled Comments. If anyone is reading this, could you please let me know via Comments or by email whether on Thursday you received both emails, Lewis's email but not mine, or mine but not his. You can respond to if you don't want to leave a comment here. I am interested in hearing from those who received both emails, one or the other, or neither.

Thanks for your help.

I didn't get the email - but I already voted for both you and Mr. Robinson (and got my dad (who said that he felt he "had to vote for the insurgents") and my brother to vote in your direction as well). But, as a very recent graduate - class of '04 - it could be a problem that I did not receive your email, especially since I received the email from Richard Lewis - who, in my humble opinion, did everything in his power to make himself and his positions closer to those of the two petition candidates.

As a recent graduate, I just want to say that I fully appreciate the importance of this trustee election. I attended this school during a very turbulent time, and I saw a lot of changes - both good and bad. But mostly, I saw the school try to change from what it was - from what it was established to be - from what alumni around the world feel that it should be. To me, the most important part of your and Mr. Robinson's campaigns is not necessarily your positions - which I pretty much agree with whole-heartedly - but rather that you are the outlet through which every alumnus can say, unequivocably, that they do not believe in the course of the College; that they firmly believe that their College should strive to be better - to be the best - and that it has failed to live up to those expectations; and that a change from the status quo is required. You can provide that. You could provide a challenge to the orthodoxy; and, I think, to a large majority, that is very appealing. That's why someone like my father, who didn't vote for one of his own fraternity brothers in this election, felt that it was necessary to vote for the petition candidates. Not necessarily because of your positions, which he supported, but because of what you represented. It isn't an effort to move backward, but rather an effort to move back to what is most important - to what is expected of our Alma Mater.

Good luck to you - and I pray that you are victorious.

Brian Ross, 04.
3.12.2005 6:02am
I only received the Lewis email.
3.12.2005 9:38am
Steve Leschuk '01:
I received the Lewis email Thursday night, but (as of Saturday morning) have received an email from any other candidate.
3.12.2005 1:14pm
Steve Leschuk '01:
by "have", I meant "have not"
3.12.2005 1:15pm
Michael Kurtz (mail):
I received both e-mails
3.12.2005 2:12pm
Scott Masten (mail):
I recieved both e-mails on 3/10. Todd's at 5:38 pm est, and Ric Lewis' at 6:06 pm.
FYI: I had previously received a call at my office asking to verify my petition signature.
3.12.2005 2:19pm
Bill Climo (mail):
I received neither.
3.12.2005 2:57pm
Chris Lanese '04:
I've only received an email from Lewis.
3.12.2005 3:02pm
mark sheingorn (mail):

i got mr lewis' e-mail but not yours ... and i voted for you and mr robinson.

good luck

mark s '65
3.12.2005 4:20pm
not a grad:
One shouldn't apply malice when spam filters are in place. (someone should tell me now about malice and ignorance).Email is no longer guaranteed delivery. As a network admin, I block more than 100,000 messages a day. I'm sure some (small amount) of them are legit; but the alternative is worse.

It, frankly, sucks, but email is no longer carrier grade. Do not count on it as if it were. People like me, in a perhaps vain effort to protect people from spam (which is now a service that they assume is part of the fee), might just kill important messages.

Thought I'd just throw that out.
3.12.2005 4:29pm
Tom Preacher '72 (mail):
I received neither one. I had, however, already voted on March 7 for both you and Mr. Robinson.

Good luck to you.
3.12.2005 5:58pm
Kevin (mail):
I got both on Thursday.
3.12.2005 6:29pm
Joseph Fahs 01:
I received both e-mails, about 30 minutes apart.
3.12.2005 7:51pm
Jonathan Eisenman 03:
I received Lewis's, not yours - but I already voted for both you and Robinson. There is absolutely no reason Dartmouth should have something like the "Office of Plurality and Leadership" to discuss "bias incidents" when they can't keep class size down (read: provide *academic* resources).
3.12.2005 8:19pm
Stephanie Pendleton '91:
I received your e-mail at 5:14 and Lewis's e-mail at 5:42.
3.12.2005 10:05pm
Thomas Manning '89:
I received Ric Lewis's Thursday at 9:18 p.m. I have not received yours.
3.12.2005 10:12pm
TomHynes (mail):
I received Lewis's but not yours. I agree with the spam filter point - Yahoo could have put it in my "bulk mail" automatically, and I just delete that.

Of course, I had already voted for you and Robinson.
3.12.2005 11:25pm
Thomas Manning '89:
I use Dartmouth's alumni email system, so I don't know that the spam filter explanation explains why I only got Lewis's email.
3.12.2005 11:48pm
Chris H '01:
Only received Lewis' email, but not yours. But I had already voted for you. Funny to see so many alumni here including a former roommate...
3.13.2005 12:03am
Roger L. Simon (mail) (www):
I never recied the Zywicki email, at least as far as I know. I append that last because I do get over four hundred emails a day because of my blog and some, alas, do get lost. But the Ric Lewis email certainly arrived. It was too late, however. As those reading my blog know, I had already voted the Robinson/Zywicki ticket. But what do I get if they win? A martini at the Hanover Inn at least, I hope.
3.13.2005 12:28am
A. Reader:
I will happily vote for you if it will cause you to stop taking advantage of Professor Volokh's hospitality by spamming the board with your inane campaign postings, which are relevant to at most a very tiny percentage of this blog's readers. If this were my website you would have been long gone. Good luck in the election.
3.13.2005 12:40am
John A. Kalb '03 (mail) (www):
I did not receive your e-mail, but I'd already voted for you and Robinson.
3.13.2005 12:58am
Mike Lorrey (mail):
Likely Lewis' email triggered spam filters to block Dartmouth's mail server IP addresses as spammers, because thousands of emails with near identical bit counts constitutes spam, so Zywicki's emails were mostly blocked. The only way to avoid this is to enable the proper authentication fields in the mail headers. This spells either of sloppy system administration at Dartmouth or intentionally gaming the system and feigning incompetence (a common strategy under the Clinton admin, I recall).
3.13.2005 9:19am
J. Lott '89:
Todd, I received none of them. It may be that the college no longer has an up-to-date e-mail address for me, as I also never receive any other e-mail from the college.

I have not yet received my paper ballot either. When were they mailed?
3.13.2005 9:39am
jonathan rich (mail):
I received the Lewis email Thursday but, as of this morning (Sunday 3/13), I have not received yours.
Jonathan Rich '68
3.13.2005 11:31am
I received one in my Yahoo mail inbox, and one in my "bulk mail" account. Apparently Yahoo views message from the Dartmouth Administration as spam...
3.14.2005 9:17am
Jeremy Presser '04:
I received Mr. Lewis' e-mail but not yours
3.14.2005 9:49am
Brian Amsbary '98 (mail):
I use the alumni email system and received Lewis' email, but not yours.
3.14.2005 2:08pm
Rich Roberts:
I received Ric Lewis's email but did not receive yours. It didn't matter - you and Peter had my vote within seconds of the email allowing me to vote. Perhaps Jimmy Carter and Teresa Heinz can be enlisted to oversee the oversee the fairness of this process.
3.14.2005 3:54pm
Todd G:
Likewise, Ric's but not yours. Didn't matter -- you got my vote.
3.15.2005 10:02am
Tom Preacher '72 (mail):
UPDATE: I received your e-mail today, March 15. Apparently they sent it out a second time. I received the e-mail from Mr. Robinson at the same time.
3.15.2005 8:51pm