The Star-Spangled Banner

courtesy of Von Cello at a Yankees game. Not as good as Matt Haimovitz at CBGB on acoustic cello doing his version of Hendrix, but the best I could come up with on YouTube. Hope this works. I can't figure out how to embed the video the way everyone else does.

This is further to my prior post about cello playing; indulge me, it's a holiday. I too have an electric cello, with a synthesizer pedal and amp, and when no one is in the house I make a lot of noise. A lot of noise. Off and on (meaning when no one is in the house) I have been working on learning Carlos Santana's old standard, La Samba Para Ti, using a note by note transcription.

Actually, the Haimovitz interview linked here - though you don't hear much of his playing - is really very touching for the 4th of July - talking about the freedom that this country gives him to go around the country and play the Bach cello suites in little bars, cafes, and pubs. Vive liberty.