Reversing DADT is "urgent" and "essential to our national security" because the policy "weakens" our military, expels "patriotic Americans" with "critical language skills," and wastes years of training -- all in "a time of war":

That's what President Obama has concluded. Here's the transcript of the president's remarks at the White House today.

To deal with this grave and urgent threat to national security, the Commander-in-Chief announced that he will immediately:

(1) Suspend enforcement of DADT in its entirety for the duration of the war, claiming ample constitutional and statutory authority.

(2) Issue a stop-loss order barring DADT expulsions for certain classes of "mission-critical" specialists.

(3) Order the Defense Department to halt DADT investigations and other inquiries into soldiers' sexual orientation.

(4) Demand that Congress act now to repeal DADT.

(5) Ask that a plan be developed on an unspecified time schedule for the repeal of DADT at some indefinite point in the future.

(Pick one.)