Blogging from the Hoover Institution:

Blogging will be light for me over the next few days, as I am in Palo Alto at the Hoover Institution for a meeting of the Hoover Task Force on National Security and Law. We will workshop some papers over the next day and a half.

But I will also add that this is the institution that just recently published economist John Taylor's Getting Off Track: How Government Actions and Interventions Caused, Prolonged, and Worsened the Financial Crisis. It's a short, barely 90 pages essay focused mostly on the monetary issues in the financial crisis. It is also one of the handful of books crucial to understanding the financial crisis and how it came about - I can't recommend it highly enough. I got it and read it in a single late night sitting, then read it again, this time going carefully through the numbers, which tell a remarkable story.

I'll be back to a more regular schedule when I'm done here. By the way, when academics die and go to heaven, it looks like the Hoover Institution. Really great place, and I am very grateful to have its support.