Ken Anderson Signing In:

My thanks to the Senior Conspirator for the invitation to join the Merry Band - I have long been a fan and admirer of the Volokh Conspiracy and I am honored to take part.

Some of the band I have known - Eric Posner, Ilya Somin, several others, but I was delighted to meet Eugene and Orin for the first time at a lunch in DC two weeks ago. I'm sure many of you have had the pleasure of meeting someone in person for the first time whose work you have enjoyed on a blog, and are pleased to discover that they are as charming in person as on the screen. I look forward to meeting the other Conspirators in real life, as too many VC's readers. It is a genuine honor to join this group.

As Eugene said in his introduction, I also post over at the international law professor blog Opinio Juris, and I will continue to do so. But my interests run more broadly than international law - my day job is international business and finance professor, and in my pro bono and other work I do nonprofit law, international philanthropy, and development finance. So VC, being so broad church in its interests, is a great place for me. I also blog on quite specialized academic topics related to warfare, terrorism, and such things from a theoretical, political science, social science perspective at the Complex Terrain Lab (CTLab), but that is on quite specialized things.

I won't ordinarily be so biographical, but perhaps a little bit about me in an inaugural post might be helpful.