Prof. Michael Stokes Paulsen's Testimony in Defense of the So-Called "Torture Memos," and Their Authors:

is here; Prof. Paulsen's forthcoming Yale Law Journal piece, which touches on the constitutional presidential power question, is here. I don't know enough about the separation of powers questions to have an informed opinion, but Paulsen is a serious and thoughtful scholar, and his views struck me as worth passing along. For other views from the same hearing, see Prof. Philip Zelikow's testimony, Prof. David Luban's testimony (which on my quick glance seems to be the one most at odds with Prof. Paulsen's analysis), Prof. Robert Turner's testimony, and Prof. Jeffrey F. Addicott's testimony, and Ali Soufan's testimony.

UPDATE: The comment thread was largely occupied with largely substance-free sniping (plus criticism of the sniping); I deleted most of the comments, and tried to leave the more substantive ones, hoping that this might get it back on the right track.