Bad Marriage:

So how does the last name Bad Marriage get started? I take it this fellow had it because of his father, and his father before him, but it had to begin at some point. What would the story be?

UPDATE: My old friend David Smallberg comes through:

From The Blackfoot Papers - Volume Four: Pikunni Biographies by Adolf Hungry-Wolf:

Contains the history of Bad Marriage, who was so named from the fact that he was married four or five times, but had the misfortune to lose all his wives by death as fast as he married them.

On the next page: Mike Bad Old Man. Next question for you folks -- who was the first Steptoe, and why? This site claims it "is topographical for a 'dweller on a Steep ridge of land,'" "derived from the Old English pre 7th Century 'steap', steep and the Old English 'hoh', heel, ridge of land, cliff, precipice" -- but that's no fun. Better answer, please.