I'm having a hard time keeping this straight:

Apparently, many of the same folks who just months ago were telling us that "dissent is the highest form of patriotism" think just dandy for the president to brand bondholders as "speculators" who are "refusing to sacrifice like everyone else" when they refuse to go along with a corrupt giveaway to a core Democratic constituency, the UAW, at their expense.

UPDATE: Oh, but I forgot, criticism of Bush was justified because his administration was asserting unprecedented executive powers and trampling the rule of law because of a phony "emergency" that was really a cover for both ideology and political partisanship, while the Obama Administration is, um, well, ...

And, courtesy of Instapundit: "Business Insider reports that more than one Chrysler senior creditor has corroborated Thomas Lauria's allegation that the Obama administration threatened them with public attacks if they didn't surrender their contractual rights." Maybe Truman should have just threatened to use the Treasury's power to shut down credit to U.S. Steel.

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