VC March Madness:

Thanks to everyone who participated in the VC March Madness pool this year. And a special thanks to all who are willing to ignore my terrible performance.

Eyeballing the situation for this weekend, it looks like this (I haven't run all the permutations, so I may have missed something--please correct me if there is a sleeper I've missed):

If UNC wins, it looks like Dan Huitink will be the winner. A lot of people chose UNC to win it all but he has a slight edge at this point. There may be someone further back in the pack in the standings in group of those who picked UNC to win who picked either UConn or Michigan State to lose to UNC in the finals. If so, it may be that one of them could over take Huitink.

If UConn wins and plays Villanova in the finals, it looks like David Neidert probably wins. If UConn wins and plays UNC in the finals then Grant Turner will take the prize (he picked three of the final four correctly).

If Villanova wins that would be an outright victory for Brian McLeish--the only entrant to choose Villanova to go all the way.

And if Michigan State takes the crown, Graham Simms would be the victor (one of two entrants to pick MSU to go all the way).

Good luck to all this weekend.