Death Penalty Legal Scholarship:
I just received the very interesting new book, Death Penalty Stories, part of the Foundation Press series of subject-specific essays by different scholars on important cases in the field. It looks excellent, and I look forward to reading it. Looking through the chapters, though, it occurred to me that nearly all the chapters were written by scholars who are noted death penalty opponents.

  This led me to wonder: Who are the legal scholars who write on the death penalty on a regular or semi-regular basis but who do not write from the perspective of opposition to the death penalty? Stuart Banner might be one: I've only skimmed his book on the death penalty, but it struck me as largely neutral in tone. Are there others? I realize that most legal scholars who write on the death penalty are against it; I'm just curious about who the outliers are.

  UPDATE: Just to be clear, the post is asking for the names of scholars, not for readers' personal views of the death penalty. Please keep the comments relevant to the post -- thanks.