Institute for Justice Videos:

The Institute for Justice -- one of the nation's top libertarian law firms -- has some short videos out on their favorite constitutional law cases. IJ has long been first-rate not just at litigating their cases, but at using them to promote libertarian legal ideas to the public, so these should be much worth watching (and forwarding). Here are IJ's quick summaries, with links:

  1. The Little Pink House & Property Rights: ... Susette Kelo in her historic fight against eminent domain for private gain.

  2. Economic Liberty & the 14th Amendment: Should it take seven years and a team of lawyers to open as small business? That is the reality, so long as courts ignore the Privileges or Immunities Clause of the 14th Amendment.

  3. Footloose in Arizona -- A Funny Look at Petty Government Actions: Can you imagine a government threatening fines of $500,000 on a small business for allowing patrons to dance outdoors? Enjoy this fun animated take on the Saga of San Tan Flat.

  4. School Choice: Should Only the Government Get to Pick Your Kids' School? Andrea Weck from Arizona is like millions of parents nationwide; she wants to get her children the best education possible, but finds some people think that only the government —- and not parents -— should select the schools children attend.

  5. Free Speech & Campaign Finance Restrictions: Does the First Amendment protect the right to free speech? Not always. Today, campaign finance laws are being used to stifle political speech and participation.

  6. Eminent Domain for Private Gain in New Jersey: Does the 5th Amendment protect private property rights? Lori Vendetti [talks] ... about eminent domain in her ocean-front town of Long Branch, N.J.

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