Scholarly Impact of the VC's Untenured "Faculty":

Just for fun, I measured the scholarly impact of the VC untenured "faculty" (David Kopel, Sasha Volokh, and myself) using Brian Leiter's recent scale discussed in David Bernstein's post. With a "scholarly impact" of approximately 183 (mean 168, median 198), we would rank tenth on Leiter's scale (which of course only considers tenured professors), just ahead of the tenured faculty at the University of Pennsylvania and UC Irvine (170), and just behind Michigan (185). Our median citation count would rank seventh, just behind Columbia; our mean falls just outside the top ten.

I don't claim any great scientific validity for this "study." Comparing a group of three lawbloggers to the average score for the top ten tenured faculty at various law schools isn't really good methodology. But it's a mildly interesting result nonetheless.

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