Foundation for Individual Rights in Education Fellowship:

FIRE -- probably the leading advocacy group for free speech in higher education -- has just announced their Justice Robert H. Jackson Legal Fellowship:

Initiated in 2007, the Jackson Fellowship allows recent law school graduates an opportunity to work closely with FIRE's President and Director of Legal and Public Advocacy, substantively engaging issues and cases that represent the cutting edge of First Amendment jurisprudence and higher education law. Beginning in September, Jackson Fellows will work from FIRE's New York office for two years. More information about the Fellowship, including instructions on how to apply, is available here. Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis.

Our inaugural Jackson Fellows, Azhar Majeed and Kelly Sarabyn of the University of Michigan Law School and Yale Law School respectively, have produced several pieces of original legal scholarship on subjects related to FIRE's work during their term as Fellows. Azhar has two articles slated for publication this spring: "Learning from DeJohn v. Temple University: The Misapplication of Peer Harassment Law on University Campuses and the Loss of Student Speech Rights" in the Journal of College and University Law and "Defying the Constitution: The Rise, Persistence, and Prevalence of Campus Speech Codes" in the Georgetown Journal of Law & Public Policy. Kelly also has a piece scheduled to be published this month: "The Twenty-Sixth Amendment: Resolving the Federal Circuit Split over College Students' First Amendment Rights," forthcoming in the Texas Journal on Civil Liberties and Civil Rights.

I only rarely post such items on the blog, but in the case of FIRE -- whose work I have long admired -- I thought I'd make an exception, especially since it's likely that quite a few of our readers would find this to be an excellent opportunity.