The Journal of Legal Analysis.

The first issue of the Journal of Legal Analysis has appeared. Several features should be noted:

1. It is faculty edited and peer reviewed.

2. It publishes "scholarship from all disciplinary perspectives and in all styles, whether verbal, formal, or empirical." This aspiration is confirmed by the selection of papers in the first issue.

3. It is free and online, and the articles appear on the web as they emerge from the editing process, rather than all at once. (A paper issue is also published.)

The Journal of Legal Analysis is not the first peer-reviewed journal for legal scholarship (there must be around a dozen), but it is the first that is not specialized by methodology or subject matter, and so it may offer some competition to law reviews. And a good thing! Law reviews have their place but peer review screens bad papers and contributes greatly to the quality of good papers, and faculty-edited journals don't demand excessive citation, unnecessary parenthetical-making, and the other forms of time wastage in which the law review system delights. May JLA prosper and spawn many imitators.

You may submit your papers here.