Jefferson's Moose Event Reminder:

Just a reminder to VCers that I'll be speaking about my new book on Jefferson and the Internet tomorrow (Wednesday) at a Book Forum sponsored by the good folks at the Cato Institute. [This will be the first of a series of these book events -- and I like the fact that it's taking place at Cato, one of the places where the "Jeffersonian" view of things has found a congenial home over the past couple of decades]. Details and registration info is at the website (the event is free, but requires pre-registration if you're going to attend in person); there will also be a live webcast (starting at noon).

It's an interesting and specialized genre, the "book event." I've got 15 minutes or so to talk, and I have to assume my audience has not read the book (yet!). So my job is to tell some sort of (brief) story about the book, and what's in the book, that is both complete in and of itself (so that the audience takes something away from it even if they never read the book) and entirely open-ended (so that they'll be dying to read the book and see how it all comes out). It's no mean feat - but if I do say so myself, I think I've got a nice little talk ready to go. After that, there will be comments from Jeff Rosen (The New Republic/GW Law)and Clive Crook (The Atlantic/The FT). Jeff and Clive come at things from different directions -- "different sides of the Atlantic," one might say -- and I have a strong suspicion they'll have interesting things to say about what I'm trying to do in the book.

So do come (or watch) if you can; it should be fun.