Happy Birthday, Jackie Robinson!

Jackie Robinson would have been 90 today, had he lived, and that's an event worth pausing for and celebrating. There have been people who changed the country more than Robinson did -- but not many of them. If symbols matter -- and boy, do they matter! -- the sight of Robinson going on those fields and playing ball -- and not just playing it, but playing it the way he played it, the way it should be played, ferociously and with passion -- was one of the most important we've ever had. And I cannot even imagine the guts and the courage it took to pull it off. I know it's an old story, but I'm a Brooklyn boy, and Robinson has always had a special place in my heart -- deep down, as absurd as it sounds, I'm secretly proud to have grown up in the place where Robinson lived and where he worked his magic -- so you can forgive me for bringing it up today. Happy Birthday!

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