Anti-Semitism in The Philippines' "Leading Business Magazine":

One Bernardo V. Lopez writes in Business World:

Both Republicans and Democrats in the US support Israel in their Gaza invasion because the rich and powerful American Jewish community, which controls media, Hollywood, hedge funds, investment banks, among other things, gives funds to their campaigns and their cause. It is a "power quid pro quo."

Their political power is dependent on this small rich community. That is why they are but glorified puppets of the power behind their power. They, in their myopia and failure to see the global perspective — they who turn inward to see only the face in the mirror on the wall — are under the mercy of this elite group which holds the destiny of the planet in its hands. This Jewish elite virtually controls not only America but also the world. ... The US-Israeli partnership actually antedates both Obama and the Palestinian conflict. The Jewish tycoons became rapidly and intensely wealthy by funding both sides of World War I. They came to America and started taking over the economy. Today, they control media, filmdom, banking, large corporations and have people in Washington, the State Department, the National Security Agency, etc.

Meanwhile, the prime minister of Turkey has denied that his criticisms of Israel's actions in Gaza reflect anti-Semitism, but added that the situation is Gaza is being distorted by the "Jewish-backed media."