More on the DOJ Civil Rights Division Hiring Report:
I blogged below about the DOJ Inspector General report on hiring in the Civil Rights Division, and I wanted to point out that the report is really pretty amusing (in a frightening sort of way) for the details it offers about the hiring process. In particular, Bradley Schlozman seems to have never thought about the possibility that his e-mails would some day be made public, so he left a lot of gems for us to ponder.

  Here's my favorite so far. At one point, a DOJ section chief had contacted the judge that an applicant had clerked for, and one judge apparently offered a negative review of the applicant. Noting that the judge was a Bush-43 appointed judge, Shlozman discounted the criticism in an e-mail to the DOJ section chief on the following basis:
Okay, but just remember, Republican judges are generally far more demanding of quality, accuracy, and faithful adherence to statute and constitutional text than liberals, for whom activism and advocacy are the hallmarks of acceptability.

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