Obama Makes a Great Choice for Secretary of Education.

Barack Obama's latest choice — Arne Duncan as Secretary of Education — is a serious guy and an effective administrator. While I doubt that Duncan will push vouchers, he is in favor of charter schools and he is not beholden to education unions.

From what I've seen of Duncan, Obama has made a great choice.

A more expert endorsement here (via KJ Lopez at the Corner).

UPDATE: Obama just made an eloquent introduction of Duncan. Biden is speaking perfunctorily now (at least he's doing better than yesterday when he referred to returning to the days of President Gore).

2d UPDATE: Duncan pointedly thanked Mayor Daley, who really has supported reforming the Chicago schools (not insignificantly by appointing Duncan over objections that the job should go to a minority).

The first press question was from ABC about the economy (again the reporter's name was read from a list). The second question was from a reporter who might have been from the Tribune or Sun-Times. Obama declined to answer the reporter's Blagojevich question, pointing to his promise to the US Attorney. The third question came from Mary Ann Ahern, a local NBC-TV reporter, asking about education. The last reporter (selected by name without Obama knowing where she was) also seemed local and asked about appointments generally.

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