Will Obama release staff contacts with Blagojevich's emissaries?

There is an old joke about the man who loses his car keys one night. He looks for his keys, not where he dropped them, but under the streetlight because the light is better there.

The U.S. Attorney's complaint and affidavit disclose Blagojevich's alleged conspiracy to use unofficial intermediaries to convey what he wanted from Obama without disclosing that it was part of a corrupt bargain. So far Obama has said absolutely nothing about whether he plans to release any conversations that he and his staff had with these unofficial emissaries from Blagojevich in which it may have been suggested that Blagojevich wanted a job with SEIU or a new private foundation.

In essence, Obama has promised to release a list of staff contacts with people who were not directed to shake him down, but has not indicated whether he will release a list of contacts with those who were directed to shake him down.

Next week, we may get an idea whether Obama plans to stonewall the press on his staff's most relevant contacts, probably none of which would have been recorded by the FBI. If Obama decides to stonewall the press, we may soon get an idea whether the press will let him get away with it. Without seeing full transcripts of the wiretaps, which may never come out, we may not learn whether the intermediaries ever reported back to Blagojevich on any of their discussions with Obama staffers.

In the comments below, I'd particularly like to hear whether VC readers (especially some of Obama's most uncritical supporters) think that Obama should release all his staff's contacts with unofficial emissaries from Blagojevich — and whether you think Obama will do so next week.

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