Frogs and Guns:

I rarely hear about the two together, but reading a right-to-bear-arms case I had saved years ago reminded me about the subject. The case is State v. Chaisson, 457 So. 2d 1257 (La. App. 1984), which struck down a Louisiana law providing,

No person shall carry or have in his possession any shotgun, rifle, or firearm while taking or hunting frogs during the nighttime.

The court held this violated the state constitutional right to bear arms, partly because "A nighttime hunter in pursuit of frogs could be attacked by poisonous snakes, alligators or other predators and needs to protect himself."

My own California specifically bars frog hunting with firearms, but Kentucky provides for "A statewide resident hunting license, which authorizes the holder to take or pursue wild animals, wild birds, frogs, and turtles with gun, bow and arrow, dog, or falcon." But maybe my being surprised and amused by all this is just a sign of what a city boy I am.