Paris Airport Bleg:
Pardon the bleg, but I wonder if Paris-based (or just Paris-familiar) readers can help me with something. I'm flying to Israel to give a talk at Tel Aviv University Law School next week, and when I fly back to the States on Saturday, December 20th, I will have a 12-hour stopover at Paris's Charles de Gaulle Airport. My flight from Tel Aviv arrives in Paris at 10pm, and my flight to DC departs at 10 am. So here's the bleg: Any ideas for stuff I realistically could do out in Paris during that stopover, preferably things involving good beer? I don't speak any French and don't know Paris, but going out for a few hours seems like more fun than just sitting in the airport overnight or getting a nearby hotel room to crash.

(While I am in shameless bleg mode, I, too, know of a great apartment rental in Arlington for the Obama inauguration that is soon to go up on CraigsList — e-mail me if interested. No, it's not mine...)